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Diabetes Video Series - causes

Learn about the causes of type 2 diabetes, risk factors and what you can do to prevent getting diabetes.

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1B Diabetes Overview - Causes from Health Navigator CharitableTrust on Vimeo.

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More videos in this series:

  • 1A: Diabetes - Overview & Symptoms (4.20 mins)
  • 1B: Diabetes Overview - Causes (3.50 mins)
  • 1C: Diabetes - Information for South East Asian families (1.50 mins)
  • 2A: Finding out you have diabetes (4.20 mins)
  • 2B: Living well with diabetes by keeping active (2.45 mins)
  • 2C: Living well with diabetes by healthy eating (5 mins)
  • 3: Diabetes - medicines and when to use insulin (2.40 mins)
  • 4A: Diabetes Tests & Complications (3.50 mins) - HbA1C test, Blood pressure control and more.
  • 4B: Diabetes - Looking after your eyes (2.12 mins)
  • 4C: Diabetes Complications - Foot Care (2.54 mins)
Diabetes Video Series - overview and symptoms UTI? Don't reach for the cranberry juice

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Feature article: pneumococcal disease

Pneumococcal disease is a bacterial infection that produces a range of symptoms, from minor to very serious. Some strains of the bacteria are likely to cause infections in particular parts of the body more than others, such as the sinuses (sinusitis) and the ear (middle ear infection). The bacteria can spread to other body parts causing pneumonia and invasive pneumococcal disease, including blood infection and meningitis.

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