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Is walking one way to keep a stroke at bay?

Researchers in Spain have found good reason to believe women who walk at least three hours every week are less likely to suffer a stroke than women who walk less or not at all.

Exercise has been shown to be beneficial to your health in many ways. Now, José María Huerta of the Murcia Regional Health said the results of his team’s research are adding to evidence that there are connections between certain kinds of exercise and reducing the risk of certain diseases. Huerta’s research found that women who walked briskly for three-and-a-half hours every week appeared to have about a 43% reduction in stroke risk compared to those who didn’t exercise at all. Interestingly, these regular walkers also had lower stroke risk than those who cycled and did other higher-intensity workouts for a shorter amount of time.

The research is based on an activity questionnaire answered by almost 33,000 men and women in the mid-1990s, and whose health has been tracked ever since. Huerta did note that the subjects of the study had been in good health to begin with, so the results cannot easily be applied to the general population. However, it does support a large body of evidence that shows that regular, moderate exercise is good for your health.  

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